Four/Comedy (live show)

Dashing action hero the Doctor realises he has brought disaster to Earth and faces his fears to defeat the Great One, an immense and powerfully psychic spider. He returns to Earth only to collapse from radiation poisoning in front of his friends, but with the help of a fellow Time Lord manages to stave off death and regenerate. Somewhat traumatised by his regeneration, this new Doctor is by turns manic, brooding and boisterous. His only constant is eccentricity, in dress, speech and habit. Uninterested in the creature comforts and life on Earth of his predecessor, he leaves almost immediately to travel the cosmos, seeking adventure and righting injustice when he finds it.

Splendid Chaps is a year-long celebration of Doctor Who‘s fiftieth anniversary: eleven live performances recorded as podcasts in which your brains will be fed, your funny bones tickled, and your hearts opened (yes, both of them!). Our fourth instalment is part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and fittingly for the Fourth Doctor, is a two-part story! In part one we discuss the Fourth Doctor (“Four”), played by eccentric actor Tom Baker. The Doctor best known to audiences (serving for the longest time, and seeing the classic era through much of it’s most successful period), he’s known for his ridiculously long scarf, bohemian manner, generosity with jelly babies, cavalier attitude to danger and (in the words of Bullamakanka) his “trusty mate K-9”.

The Fourth Doctor is also known for his wit, and so in part two we turn our discussion to “Comedy” in Doctor Who. How many jokes are too many for what is ostensibly a family science fiction adventure show? Does the Doctor always know he’s being funny? When does the humour work best – and when does it fail to work altogether? And what is the funniest moment in Doctor Who?

Hosts Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Petra Elliott are joined for part one by JJJ’s nerd correspondent and host of ABC3’s Steam Punks, Paul Verhoeven, and late night JJJ host and comedian Dave Callan. In part two, our late show, they’re joined by comedian, radio host and co-creator and star of Outland, Adam Richard, plus comedian/actor/lovely UK person Josie Long – she’s been in Skins AND the actual TARDIS! All this plus music, prizes and surprises!

Space: Trades Hall – The New Ballroom, corner of Lygon and Victoria Streets, Melbourne
Time: Part One: Four – April 6, 5:45 PM; Part Two: Comedy – April 13, 10:45 PM
Accessibility: This venue is wheelchair accessible.
Tickets: $22 full price, $18 concession (plus booking fee where applicable)
Bookings: via, TicketMaster outlets, the Comedy Festival box office, or at the venue (subject to availability)
Please note if you book in person at a TicketMaster outlet, you may need to ask for “Ben McKenzie & John Richards”, as “Splendid Chaps” does not appear in the search terms of their system.
Podcast: not yet available; released 23rd of April, 2013.