Comedy Festival Mini-episode

Since we were talking about Doctor Who and comedy for our fourth episode, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Splendid Chap Ben McKenzie sought out a few fellow Doctor Who fan comedians and asked them about their relationship with the show:

(In case you were wondering about the critical mass of McKenzies: Richard and Adam are brothers to each other, but not to Ben.)

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  1. Kevin Turner says:

    I miss the Brig immensely! I was crushed when the show implied that the doctor tried to call him only to discover he’d died. They just really seem to want to shut him out of the show and i don’t understand why!

    • simon says:

      I took that as a tribute to Nick Courtney, who died in 2011, rather than an attempt to write the character out – given he’s passed away, and he’s not Galifreyan, he’s unlikely to come back as another actor (and he played the character for something like 4 decades, it’d seem weird to recast him).

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