We’re crowdfunding a Sydney show!

We mentioned it during Nine/Women, and now it’s real – the chaps are crowdfunding a show in Sydney!

We always wanted to tour the podcast to other cities, but for a small show like us, that’s a big financial risk. We’ve heard from a few Sydney listeners that they’d love us to come, and there are some great Sydney-based guests we’d love to have on the podcast – so we’re running a Pozible campaign to pre-sell enough tickets to cover our costs and make it happen!

If you’d like to come to the show, just visit our Pozible campaign page; you can pledge $25 in return for a ticket to a special Sydney episode of Splendid Chaps. No-one pays anything unless we reach our goal of $3,000, which will cover travel and accommodation costs for Ben, John, Petra and David, plus pay for our time and that of our guests to make the show in Sydney, and cover the cost of all the rewards. Oh yes, did we mention those? If you really want to make sure the show happens, you can pledge more money and get some other cool stuff, including Splendid Chaps badges, signed posters and T-shirts, a special message recorded by the chaps, or you can even choose one of the topics discussed on an extra “By Request” episode!

We obviously can’t confirm much until we know for sure that we’re heading to Sydney, but we’ve already worded up some great possible guests, including comedian Alice Fraser and co-host of ABC2’s Good Game, Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell (subject to availability)! And we’ll update you with more info about the Sydney show as the campaign progresses.

So if you’d like to see us make an extra episode of Splendid Chaps and let the Whovians of Sydney in on the fun, please buy a ticket or other reward via the campaign, and help spread the word! We have until November 2nd to reach the $3,000 goal.