The Splendid Chaps Christmas Special (live show)

Yes, it’s the end…but the moment has been prepared for!

All right, we know we’ve said that before. But now, after eleventy episodes of Doctor Who discussion covering the Doctor, his friends and enemies, and topics ranging from clothes to evil to comedy, it’s time to bid farewell to hosts Ben McKenzieJohn Richards and Petra Elliot (and our invisible fourth chap, sound engineer David Ashton). To see out this year of Doctor Who, the chaps look at all the Time Lord goodness that didn’t fit into the rest of the year, including not-quite-Doctors Peter Cushing and Richard E Grant, spin-offs The Sarah Jane Adventures and K9 & Company, and much much more.

There’ll be special guests both new and old, including Cyberman designer Alexandra Tynan, comedian Adam Richard, technoevangelist Fee Plumley, academic Dr Djoymi Baker, comedian and quiz master Janet A McLeod, writer and Bazura Project guy Lee Zachariah, journalist Myke Bartlett, film reviewer Thomas Caldwell and maybe even one or two more! Plus songs from house band The Time Lads, a Christmas Dalek, and a special Christmas lucky dip of Doctor Who prizes, with all lucky dip proceeds donated to two very Doctorish charities: the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) and Medecins San Frontières (MSF).

We’d love to see you one last time!

Space: The Bella Union, upstairs, Melbourne Trades Hall, corner of Lygon and Victoria Streets, Melbourne
Time: Sunday, December 15; doors open from 4:30 PM
Accessibility: This venue is wheelchair accessible; please contact the venue for lift access.
Tickets: $20 (including booking fee)
Bookings: via online, or at the ACMI box office (subject to availability)
Podcast: not yet available; released 23rd of December, 2013.


  1. Mathew Guglielmi says:

    Here is a great link of a Christmas greeting from the Doctor and K9 and Romana (it was shot by the tv series production team)

    And a Christmas sketch from the BBC series – Dead Ringers


  2. Colin Russell says:

    You could still cover all the Doctors – all you need to do is call December’s show “Capaldi/Christmas”!

    • Colin Russell says:

      Sorry, I meant Twelve/Christmas! Though with Hurt in the works now, it’s more like thirteen… then there’s that regeneration he used in The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End… uh oh

  3. Sam Streeter says:

    Will the Splendid Chaps be talking about the long term relationship that Doctor Who has with Comic Relief? In particular, the joys of The Curse of Fatal Death?

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