The Eleven/Future viewing list

One again we’ve been so busy we almost forgot to deliver a text version of the viewing list! You still have four days until Eleven/Future, though, so here’s your homework viewing for the last of our regular Doctor/Theme episodes, which will be recorded on November 21st at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne (full show details here). Also, a quick reminder that this show is sold out – sorry if you didn’t manage to get a ticket! But it will be released, by hook or by crook, on the Day of the Doctor, November 23! (Good luck John!)

Your homework viewing for Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor is:

  • The Eleventh Hour
  • Vincent and the Doctor
  • The Girl Who Waited

If you’ve never seen Matt Smith’s Doctor before, we realise you might miss a few things, but don’t worry – these episodes mostly work on their own!

To experience THE FUTURE! as envisioned by Doctor Who, we suggest:

  • The Enemy of the World (Patrick Troughton, 1967-68; six episodes) 1
  • Day of the Daleks (Jon Pertwee, 1972, four episodes)
  • Frontios (Peter Davison, 1984; four episodes)
  • The End of the World (Christopher Eccleston, 2005; one episode)
  • Utopia (David Tennant, 2007, one episode)

There are plenty of others, of course, including The Tenth PlanetInvasion, arguably the entire UNIT era 2, most of Tom Baker’s first season – The Ark in Space, The Sontaran Experiment and Revenge of the Cybermen – The Robots of Death, The Invisible Enemy, Kinda, Snakedance, Terminus, Vengeance on Varos, The Mysterious Planet and Terror of the Vervoids (from Trial of a Time Lord), Paradise Towers, Dragonfire, The Happiness Patrol, Battlefield, Survival, Dalek, Fear Her, The Beast Below and The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. 

But we’re sure you have your own suggestions – so let us know in the comments!


  1. Note The Enemy of the World is currently only available via iTunes
  2. As previously stated, Splendid Chaps policy is to not engage in discussions of the UNIT dating controversy.


  1. Steve Leahy says:

    I’ve been reading “Doctor Who and the Cybermen” (ie “The Moonbase”, which takes place in 2070) with Miss 6, and the thought occurred to me that Hobson is probably old enough to remember Salamander from when he was a kid. Yet he never comments on the similarity 🙂

    For obvious reasons, of course. However “The Wheel in Space” was made *after* “Enemy of the World”, and was set only 32 years later. Numerous people on the Wheel would have been old enough to remember Salamander, yet none of them mention anything…

    Modern Who *would* mention it (indeed, Amy *not* remembering the events of “The Stolen Earth” in “Introduction of the iDaleksVictory of the Daleks” told the Doctor something was wrong).

    Is this difference between old Who (made to be [presumably] forgotten) versus modern Who (made to be pored over excessively via whichever medium you have a copy on) good or bad for the show?

  2. Colin Russell says:

    If anyone’s interested, I think the ANC Shop is releasing The Enemy of the World on DVD November 27th

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