Splendid Chaps By Request

Six topics, one hour, four chaps. Yes, it’s our bonus “By Request” episode in which Ben, John, Petra and fourth chap David Ashton discuss topics requested by our Pozible backers! And we go back, back to our very beginning, to the place where we recorded our very first episode: Penny Farthing Espresso in Northcote, Melbourne.

A big thanks to all our listeners, our live audiences throughout 2013, and of course tremendous thanks to all our Pozible supporters, without whom this episode and our live Sydney show would never have happened.

It’s not entirely goodbye, though; while this is our last recorded episode, there are a couple of extras from November we’ll be releasing in January and February next year. And you watch out for more info about our 2014 project, Night Terrace, in the coming months.

By the way, we recorded this on Christmas Eve, and look: Santa Capaldi visited us!

David Ashton, Petra Elliott and Ben McKenzie with presents from "Santa Capaldi" on Christmas Eve.
The Splendid Chaps are visited by Santa Capaldi on Christmas Eve, at the recording of Splendid Chaps by Request. Oddly, we never saw John and Santa Capaldi at the same time…



  1. Sarah says:

    Such an awesome way to end a wonderful year of celebrating Doctor Who (:

    I have one final question for the chaps, though: throughout the year, you mentioned a number of books related to Doctor Who. Do you have/would you be prepared to compose a list of the best ones? I’m mainly looking for books about the production/influence of Doctor Who, rather than novelisations, etc.
    Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you, it’s good, keep warm!


    • Petra says:

      Hi Sarah, glad you liked the final episode. I’m sure the other boys would have some suggestions, but for Christmas I was gifted ‘Who-ology, the Official Miscellany’ by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. Just quietly, I wish I’d had it for during the shows as it’s a great quick reference guide for the Doctors, companions, music, monsters, history, episode timeline and random Who Trivia.


    • John Richards says:

      Hi Sarah! Two great series are the About Time books by Mad Norwegian Press (seven volumes so far) which are full of articles looking at each era of Who in regard to the history and culture happening in the real world, and the TARDIS Eruditorum blog/books by Philip Sandifer which rejoice in the overthinking of Doctor Who. I reckon these will give you what you’re after.

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