The Other Splendid Chaps: The Companions

Time for a bit of time travel: on Tuesday, November 19 2013, as part of Melbourne City Library’s week-long Doctor Who Festival, Ben, John and Petra were joined by writer, director and podcaster Lucas Testro  and broadcaster, documentary maker and podcaster Marian Blythe to talk about those other splendid chaps: the companions! Plus a live musical performance of a lost Doctor Who classic tune by Emma Heeney.



  1. Heidi Estrin says:

    I would love to get a look at that spreadsheet you mentioned, showing instances of the word “companion.” I’d also like to know where you found all the scripts! Are they online?

  2. Koa Webster says:

    The exchange about Ben’s spreadsheet made me laugh almost more than anything else in the episode! Truly, Ben is a ‘scientician’ 🙂

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