Spin-offs: Torchwood

Yes, the chaps are back in part one of their Doctor Who spin-offs mini-series! This time we go outside the government and beyond the police – whatever that means – to talk about everyone’s favourite not-so-secret organisation which fights alien menaces in between all the sex and gore which makes it an “adult show”. That’s right – it’s time to talk Torchwood! Hosts Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Petra Elliott are joined by special guests Djoymi Baker, George Ivanoff and – for this podcast edition only – Richard Watts!


Got questions you want to ask us about Torchwood? We want to hear them! Each of our spin-off episodes will include special extra content, since we just couldn’t fit enough into the live show to do all three spin-offs justice – and our final spin-off episode will add in questions from you, our listeners, posed right here on the web site! So please add yours in the comments below.

Of course it wouldn’t be Splendid Chaps without a giveaway, so our favourite questions will win a prize! Comment on any of our first three spin-off episodes to be in the running; we’ll give a final cut-off date when episode three is released.


  1. Steve says:

    Great show… but I’m amazed no-one mentioned the fact that, after a whole series built around the fate of Jack’s brother Gray (which ended with Gray being put into deep freeze in the Hub), there was no mention of Gray *at all* when the Hub was blown to pieces in “Children of Earth”.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t seen “Miracle Day”, so don’t know if it was revisited there. I suspect it wasn’t, though…

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