Spin-offs: The Sarah Jane Adventures

For part two of our Doctor Who spin-offs mini-series, we move in to Bannerman Road and see if we know where to look to find a whole universe of adventure, right here at home… Yes, hosts Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Petra Elliott talk all about The Sarah Jane Adventures with special guests Djoymi Baker, George Ivanoff and – for this podcast edition only – Tansy Rayner Roberts!

The Splendid Chaps Adventures

Want to ask us questions about The Sarah Jane Adventures? Great – let us have them! As mentioned last episode, each of our spin-off episodes includes extra content, since we just couldn’t fit enough into the single live podcast to do all three shows justice – and for our final spin-off episode, we’ll be answering questions from you, our listeners, posed right here on the web site! Add your questions in the comments below.

And we’re having a good old fashioned Splendid Chaps giveaway, too. Our favourite questions will win a prize! Comment on any of our first three spin-off episodes to be in the running; we’ll give a final cut-off date when episode three (the next one) is released.