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Splendid Comedy, Festival Chaps

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is about to start for 2016, and many of the guests who appeared on Splendid Chaps are featured in this year’s program – as well as two of our hosts!

Petra Elliott is one of the stars of the improvised puppet show, The Mighty Little Puppet Show! You won’t want to miss her performing as one of the “Ritas”, colourful puppets on which the audience will build their own characters. The show also features “What I Learned from Doctor Who” guest Rob Lloyd. The Mighty Little Puppet Show runs at 7:30 PM, upstairs @ Little Sista (next to the Town Hall). It’s a rotating ensemble cast, so if you want to see Petra make sure you book for March 25, 27, 29 or 31, or April 1.

Ben McKenzie has had a hand in Claire Hooper’s show this year, through his games company Pop Up Playground; together they present Being Claire Hooper, a whimsical, Claire Hooper-themed treasure hunt through the city. You might even see a familiar face or two… Being Claire Hooper begins at 6 PM each Saturday and Sunday at the statue of Burke and Wills at City Square (opposite the Town Hall). Tickets are very limited so be sure to book!

Here’s a round up of all our guests appearing in the festival! Check the listings linked via the title of each show for details (for example, most shows are an hour earlier on Sundays). We’ve also linked to the episodes they appeared in in case you’d like to revisit.

Justin Hamilton and Adam Richard also host The Shelf, 7:30 PM on Mondays at The Toff in Town.

Night Terrace season two announcement

Night Terrace Season Two is coming to a pair of ears near you on February 29!

It’s a date only a time traveller (or three) could love, so it seemed a fitting launch date for the second season of our award-winning sci-fi comedy audio series, starring Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours) and our own Petra Elliott and Ben McKenzie, plus a stellar guest cast including Andrew Hansen (The Chaser), Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Eastenders), Lawrence Leung (Sucker), Jane Badler (V), Gary Russell (The Famous Five), Celia Pacquola (Utopia), Ian Smith (Neighbours) and many more!

We successfully crowdfunded the second season back in April last year, and our Kickstarter backers were able to get their ears on it just in time for Christmas. Now it’s everyone else’s turn! On release, season two will be available from both the Night Terrace web site at, or via our page on the popular digital audio platform Bandcamp.

You can listen to the first trailer for Season Two below.

It’s Christmas time!

Time for a bit of a clean up around here! We’re no longer just about the podcast, and so we’re no longer just Splendid Chaps – we’re Splendid Chaps Productions. You can still listen to  our fiftieth anniversary Doctor Who podcast, but now you can also find out about our original sci-fi comedy series Night Terrace, and watch out for news of new projects coming from the Chaps, including a brand-new podcast, Pratchat, revisiting the works of Sir Terry Pratchett in 2016. And we’ve opened a Bandcamp store, where you can find all the stuff we’ve released for sale so far!

But Christmas is also a time to celebrate, so we thought we’d release something from the archives – one of the most popular cover songs from our year of Doctor Who back in 2013. So, from our Christmas special, please enjoy Petra Elliott and the Time Lads with their rendition of the unlikely Christmas single, “I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek”!