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This podcast goes to Eleven…ish

The Brigadier said it best: “Splendid chaps. All of them.” 1 In that spirit, Ben McKenzie (Dungeon Crawl, ‘patron saint of geek comedy’ – T-Squat magazine), John Richards (creator/writer ABC’s Outland, Boxcutters podcast) and Petra Elliott hosted a year-long performance/podcast project in celebration of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary. Each month from January to November 2013 they recorded a live Doctor Who panel discussion – one for each of the eleven Doctors – with a different theme, special guests, musical performances and loveliness. An edited version was released as a podcast on the 23rd of each month, plus a few extra episodes here and there.

It’s over now…but the moment had been prepared for! Check out our new audio project, the sci-fi comedy series Night Terrace! Currently raising funds via Kickstarter.


  1. In fact, in The Five Doctors, the Brigadier says “Wonderful chap. All of them.” and later “Splendid fellows, all of you.” But this is the apocryphal version popular in fan culture, and like “Play it again, Sam” and “She canna take any more, cap’n”, we’re keeping it.