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Dimensions in Brisbane

In early September, Ben was fortunate enough to participate in the 2013 Brisbane Writers Festival, a festival which embraced genre writing with panels on licensed works, comics, crime, romance and many more. So of course it was full of interesting Doctor Who fans to interview – which leads us to Dimensions in Brisbane!


In this special mini-episode of Splendid Chaps, you’ll meet:

  • Bianca Nogrady – freelance science journalist, broadcaster and author. You can find her online at biancanogrady.com or follow her on Twitter at @BiancaNogrady.
  • Damon Cavalchini – a writer who’s been part of the spec-fic scene in Brisbane for many years. Find out more about him and his work at damoncraft.com.
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied – an engineer, founder of Youth Without Borders and author. Her blog is Redefining the Narrative, and she tweets at @yassmin_a.
  • Kate Eltham – author and current director of the Brisbane Writers Festival. Check out her web site or follow her on Twitter as @kate_eltham.

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