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The Two/Evil viewing list

One of our audience members at One/Authority asked us if we could provide a viewing list before each podcast, so everyone could watch the stories and episodes we think are relevant. Despite the fact that this makes us the only podcast we’ve ever heard of that comes with homework, we thought this was a great idea, so we’re going to do it!

Before each podcast, as early as possible, we’ll give you a list of three stories or episodes we think form a good introduction to the next Doctor 1, and five stories or episodes we think are especially relevant to the upcoming theme.

For the Second Doctor…well, it’s rather depressing. Only six of Troughton’s stories (seven if you count the restored-with-animation Invasion) still exist in complete form, so there’s not much to choose from. Since “The Mighty Trought” 2 is a favourite with both of the chaps, we’d like to recommend you watch all that’s left, but unfortunately not all of the surviving stories are very good, so instead our top three picks are:

  • Tomb of the Cybermen
  • The Mind Robber
  • The Invasion

For extra credit, get through as much of The War Games as you can; yes, it’s far too long, but that’s a lot of Troughton you get to watch, and besides, it’s one of Ben’s favourites.

For the theme of “Evil”, we’ve selected the following stories and episodes:

  • The Mind of Evil (Jon Pertwee, 1971) – note that the colourised DVD release is still pending, so you may have to get hold of the old black and white VHS, the audio version (from Big Finish, with linking narration by Richard Franklin), or read the novelisation.
  • Kinda (Peter Davison, 1982)
  • The Curse of Fenric (Sylvester McCoy, 1989)
  • Boom Town (Christopher Eccleston, 2005)
  • The Beast Below (Matt Smith, 2010)


  1. Before you ask: no, The Next Doctor probably won’t be on the list for Ten.
  2. Thanks to Dave Hoskin of Shooting the Poo for that nickname!